World cuisine with a unique presentation – अन्नcensored!

Fusion has become a profanity among food lovers in recent years, the blending of culinary worlds to create new, hybrid dishes, has been around since the beginning of trade; so vast is its history that it is almost impossible to discern the original iteration of fusion food.

Blending two or more culinary traditions from different areas to create innovative and often very interesting dishes, the idea of fusion cuisine has since gained popularity worldwide, especially over the last decade. So when I was invited to a tasting table for the newly opened अन्नcensored, I happy accepted, curious to see and taste the अन्नcensored and censored versions of dishes that the Chef has curated.

अन्नcensored  enlivens the ever present- albeit discounted debate of the world- Tradition versus Modernity. It aims at amalgamating food (with ancient and royal recipes) and technology to give you the unique experience which is intense and opulent at the same time. It uses innovative techniques and secret ingredients which leave you enraptured. The array of flavors will seduce you to give into pleasuring your taste-buds.

While many restaurants today are offering fusion food, traditional food with a modern twist etc etc, अन्नcensored to me has got it spot on!

Interweaving the classic and contemporary styles, the menu brandishes innovative culinary cuisines- Censored and Anncensored. While the Censored flaunts of progressive world cuisine with a unique presentation; Anncensored is more dramatic and entwines the myriad dishes from across the globe with spices and flavors, erstwhile unheard of.

For appetisers I tried the Mushroom Consume with Hazelnut Foam from the Censored Menu. The balance of the mushroom flavour with the hind of hazelnut at the end was a pleasant surprising element to the traditional mushroom soup.
Beetroot Tikki Chaat, Crispy Spinach and Nori, Imli chutney –  the from the अन्नcensored menu.

Potato and Sago

The dish that stole my heart for the afternoon was Butter Chicken croquettas, Makhni Mayo & Mint chutney. Anyone who can create a dish with a twist to our Butter Chicken has my respect. And this was a fried croquettes, fried to perfection served with mayo and chutney… YAASSS!  This dish is a super speciality at अन्नcensored which they run out by max 10 p.m. every night. So you know now what’s a must try!

There was however this one dish in the veg section that normally I would have never tried but since I was there for a tasting I had to 🙂 it was the Baby Baingan… yes you read it right, Baingan, a dish we all would never eat at home leave alone order while out. But in all fairness this dish is a must try for everyone. The roasted peanut and garlic flavours over this gorgeous saffron colour gravy was so well balanced that one could not taste the baingan. Honestly, till someone didn’t tell me it was baingan, I had no clue what I was eating. I was too busy relishing on the flavour of the makhani kinda curry.

The menu has been carefully curated to accommodate a number of unique dishes that will leave you wanting for more. From delicacies like Pork and mango salad with plum ginger dressing, Miso Lamb chops, Fig and confit duck samosa with sweet and sour glaze & Tandoori chicken roulade to 63 degree egg with asparagus and beans and red pepper calibres, Mix veg cheese cake with porcini valute, each item is unique. For sweet cravings, अन्नcensored  has Nitro Coconut parfait with saffron rasmalai foam or Orange cheese cakeThis harmony of flavors is not limited to food though. It extends its graces to the drinks. At अन्नcensored expect the unexpected as the cocktails are quirky and fun, they are anything but regular. Tiki Cocktails for example, provide a perfect incredible experience, which reflect the saccharine promise of classic mélanges cocktails fashioned the contemporary way. The innovative drinks menu has many surprising potions like Alcohol n Cookie, Indian Huskie which are made with truly unique ingredients.

Not to forget the illusionary cocktails, the secret ingredients and mind blowing presentations will entice you and cajole you to give in to the paradise of luxury and grandeur, guaranteed by the ambience and infrastructure.

A blend of both worlds, अन्नcensored  offers luxurious dining experience, casual or lounge, all under one roof with the State of Art Interior. The theme of the restaurant revolves around illusion and 3D similar to its basic concept of Tradition and Modern which though coexist but never become one. The interiors are aesthetic and appeal to the diners, soothing their artistic alter-ego.


The next time your at Sector 29 and looking for a little taste bud adventure, do give this place a try, you will be pleasantly surprised and a happy foodie at the end.

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