The place you can look ugly and enjoy it – Home!

When things around you start feeling more familiar than strange,

the new sounds around now syncing with your range

When you recognize the smells that surround you,

only getting disgusted by a select few

Dog in tub

When everything before or after ceases to exist,

accepting the present for all that it is

When talking to an old friend makes the heart filled with joy,

time and distance really is some weird toy


When you can tell directions than asking for them,

and you hear a friend say – Oh lord, plz bless them

When the macho tasks you’ve lately done seem like a joke,

yes, the kinds you think totally needed dope


When the work I do is oh so cool,

yes we laugh n joke n play the fool

When a moment of solitude feels like gold,

yes I need a lot of those, I have been told



When you feel normalcy creeping in your bones,

very soon I’ll fly one of those crazy drones

When you make space in your heart for everything new,

embracing it all like dew

When you welcome challenges with a smile,

knowing in your heart they’ll last just a while


When you know normalcy is a strange thing

and bring on the crazy for its got that zing,

When you are willing to give up a holiday in Rome,

pat yourself, coz you are home!


Dear home,

You have been found!


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