Tips for Winter Skin Care

Seasonal climatic conditions are back to the winter chill playing with our skin and body. Dehydration and over the dryness of the upper crust of the skin prompts us to opt for over the counter purchase of moisturisers, cold creams and sunscreens. But do we know as to how our skin behaves in the changing climatic conditions.


  • Dry, windy condition makes our skin lose moistness of the topmost layer, making it more prone towards allergies, pigmentations and over dryness with conspicuous fine wrinkle lines.
  • Skin pores open up, a condition fit for catching infections.
  • Broken skin on the cheeks makes it itchy and sensitive.
  • Any incompatible skin care product shall induce itching and rashes.
  • Dullness and loss of fairness are common in winters.

Our prudence is in opting for more natural skin care products which are non allergic and baby soft to use. Aromatherapy Oils offer a wonderful mean of achieving total skin care.

Here’s how:

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The author: 
Dr. Naresh Arora
Founder of Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics
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