Seriously seeking that perfect blend of Coffee

Everyone everywhere now-a-days seems to have an opinion on coffee. It’s more like a trend today to be able to stand in your favourite coffee shop, talk to your barista and order for that perfect cup of customised coffee.

It seems that coffee today, gets big reactions from everyone – maybe it’s got something to do with that psychoactive substance we know (and lets face it LOVE) as caffeine.

Sometimes you just want a caffeine hit to wake you up, but if you appreciate the finer points of a cup of coffee, it’s worth going right down to Starbucks newest addition in Mumbai, located in Lokhandwala neighborhood in Andheri West, the store is the first in India to feature eye-catching brewing methods, including a state-of- the-art White Eagle espresso machine, Chemex® and Siphon. Designed to integrate coffee education with discovery, the brewing methods demonstrate how different methods can have a surprising effect on the flavors of the coffee in each cup.

White Eagle (manual espresso machine) which makes quality and consistency of the espresso shot its mission. It’s a machine completely built in steel and aluminium. The sides are made of aluminium slats that give the hull the look of an eagle wings. This machine features programmable buttons for a double ristretto, double and long shot, thus delivering consistent high-quality shots. What sets White Eagle apart from the Mastrena which is the machine that is used in core Starbucks stores is that the barista has more responsibility in the process of brewing coffee with the White Eagle. The Mastrena automatically grinds, doses, tamps and brews espresso shots with the push of a button. With the White Eagle, the barista is responsible for grinding, dosing, tamping and adjusting these factors when necessary to create the perfect shot of espresso. In the hands of skilled Starbucks coffee masters, the White Eagle espresso machine delivers a smooth quality and consistent taste profile that complements Starbucks® signature handcrafted beverages.

With its elegant glass chambers and stunning vacuum process, the Siphon is both a visual delight, and one of the finest ways to brew coffee. Virtually unchanged since the 1830’s, it requires considerable technique, making it a perfect showcase for Starbucks’ commitment to craft: the inspiring science of coffee in a theatrical brewer. The Siphon brings the finest Starbucks coffees to life. It extracts the coffee’s full flavor potential for a cup as mesmerizing as the device that has made the brew. The siphon brewing method uses a halogen light bulb as its heating source. Water heats up to a boil in the lower chamber, when the top chamber is sealed. As the air heats and expands, the boiling water is forced upward. In the top chamber, the water then remains “just under the boil,” which is ideal for brewing. Coffee is then added to the siphon and allowed to bloom. Hot air in the lower chamber keeps the coffee trapped above, brewing gently. After 90 seconds, the heat source is removed. Shrinking as it cools, the air in the lower chamber creates a vacuum, pulling the brewed coffee downward through the filter. Coffee brewed from the siphon has a delicate tea-like flavor profile with a silky mouthfeel.

Unchanged since 1941, Chemex® is another example of a manual pour-over method. Chemex® is an elegant one-piece hourglass shaped vessel, made of high quality, heat resistant glass. What distinguishes the Chemex most is its special filters. They’re thicker than ordinary filters, removing more of the coffee oils and solids for exceptionally clean coffee. The Chemex comes in a variety of sizes to make 3 to 10 cups at a time. With a brew time typically between 4 and 5 minutes, Chemex® is great at balancing out the coffee – heavy coffees come through more cleanly, and bright coffees come through a little more balanced.

The Starbucks Coffee Forward store celebrates every aspect of the coffee journey – the bean, the grind, the brewing style, the coffee master, the pairings of beverage with food curated specially for the elevated coffee experience, and the design of the store.

At the store, the theater and artistry of coffee is on display from the golden glow of siphons at the coffee bar, to a curated range of coffee-inspired artwork, including artisanal block printing and pattern, to the wooden furniture and burlap upholstery reminiscent of the deep earthy colours of coffee.

The store design and craftsmanship is an homage to coffee’s rich heritage. Each coffee also is hand-selected to perfectly complement Starbucks new food offerings in the store.

From the moment customers walk in through the doors, they are welcomed by the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee crafted by Starbucks Coffee Masters who passionately share the journey of the coffee bean. These baristas have completed a rigorous certification process and have earned the distinguished Black Apron after an intensive coffee skills and knowledge training. Currently, there are 143 certified Coffee Masters across Starbucks stores in India.


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