Secrets to that perfect eyeshadow

models wearing eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is one of the easiest and most fun ways to play up your eye color. The goal is to apply it in a way that will brighten eyes, make them appear larger and help you look your best. But with all the pretty palettes and eyeshadows out there, narrowing down the right fit can be a daunting task. So whether you want to know what colors will look best for a casual, everyday look or which ones will stun when you are feeling a little bold, here are the best eyeshadows to complement your eye color.

Blue Eyes

Using a golden bronze (that’s not too dark) or light champagne shade can add the right amount of pop to blue eyes. Avoid going overboard with application — especially if you have very light blue eyes — because it will distract from the natural beauty of the sky blue hue. For a more dramatic look, the unlikely shade of peachy-orange will blow you away with gorgeousness.


Green Eyes

For a soft, everyday look, a light sweep of pink or rose gold will delicately play up green eyes. Plums and reddish-browns will define eyes without being too distracting. Look for wine or mauve hues that look brown from afar, but are vivid up close to play up your emerald color in a striking but wearable manner.


Brown Eyes

Lucky you! People with brown eyes have the widest range of options since the chestnut color is a neutral. Brown is a color that can be accentuated with just about any shade on the color wheel. For a daring eyeshadow look, teal and purple will absolutely stun while earthy tones like olive and toffee are no-brainers. Just make sure that the color has dimension to it — look for things like added shimmer or deep pigment to avoid looking too dull.


Hazel Eyes

Since hazel eyes are in between brown and green, you can play with different colors to transform their shade. For example, to complement the greenish side, try shades of purple from violet to lavender. To make them appear more dark and on the brown side, opt for grays or mustard-like bronze colors. If you’re looking for a natural, everyday option, then look for rich mushroom hues and golden khakis that will play up your unique eye color.


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