Attention Ladies! toss these make-up products asap

Just like food, your favorite makeup has an expiration date. And it’s important to note when each product will go bad, as you could risk skin irritation and infection. Since all cosmetics have different shelf life ranges, we tapped Achelle Dunaway, global artistic director and chief makeup artist at e.l.f. Cosmetics, for some expiration expertise on when to throw away makeup. “Generally, there is an open jar symbol on components indicating how long an item is good for once it’s been opened,” she says. “To remind yourself of when you’ve opened an item, put the date opened on the bottom of the component with a sticker or written in permanent ink.”

Check out her list of beauty products you should never use past the cosmetic expiration date once opened. Plus, telltale signs an item needs to be tossed stat.



Shelf life: 24 months

When to toss: “Look out for changes in taste and smell or texture changes. If a lipstick is difficult to apply, has dew drops on the bullet or the color has changed, then this is a good indicator it’s time to trash.”


Lip Gloss

Shelf life: 12 months

When to toss: “Just like lipstick, look out for changes in taste and smell or texture changes. If a lip gloss feels sticky or streaks and clumps, then it’s time to discard.”


Liquid Foundation

Shelf life: 6 to 12 months 

When to toss: “Liquid foundation, once opened, should be replaced after 6 to 12 months. If the color has changed, product looks separated or clumpy or the smell is off, the product needs to be replaced, as using it could cause irritation or breakouts.”



Shelf life: 2 to 3 months

When to toss: Mascara is the one item you should be most disciplined about. It should be “tossed as often as every two to three months after opening to prevent irritation to the eye. Bacteria can collect easily from the repeated wand usage that touches the eye, which is then put back into the tube. Since the eye area is very sensitive, if you develop any irritation, immediately discard and see a doctor. If the mascara scent has changed to an unpleasant smell, discard.”


Powder, Blush and Eyeshadow

Shelf life: Up to 24 months

When to toss: Face powders can generally last up to 24 months since they typically lack water, which can grow bacteria. If there is color change, a dull gray film on the powder or the powder is completely hard and no color is transferring, it’s time to throw it out. Eyeshadows, however, are at a higher risk since they can get wet easily and can transfer bacteria to the sensitive eye. Be aware of any color changes or odd smells and toss if you suspect something is off.”



Shelf life: 3 months

When to toss: Eyeliner pencils can last a bit longer than liquids, but generally, these should be replaced about every three months as they are dealing with the eye area and it’s very hard to detect contamination. If the pencil has a white film on it or the liquid liner has separated, become clumpy or smells foul, it’s time to replace.”

images: Courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics

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