Julia Graf – Make Up and Lifestyle Expert

We stumbled upto Julia Graf’s channel on You Tube a few years ago and instantly fell in love with her. She’s one of those people who has such a warm presence on camera that you can’t stop watching her videos. When we first subscribed to her channel she was this chubby but charismatic girl who has so much to share with the world on beauty and make-up tips. Two years ago she lost a lot of weight (about 40 pounds) and since then, healthy living and healthy cooking has become a huge part of her daily life! Over the years we have seen her convert to a fitness guru and my o my how she has transformed herself to this chic and gorgeous looking lady today.


“I became interested in makeup when I was in my college years, and I saw it as a beautiful and expressive outlet for my creativity. It became a replacement for art, which I loved in my teen years but now had no more time for due to my studies. I see the human face as my canvas.” says Julia on her blog read more.

Julia is of Swiss-Canadian nationality (dual citizenship) and is currently live in Switzerland. She moved to Switzerland post collage and it is now what she calls home. She has begun uploading how to videos back in 2008, and since then her channel has received over 140 million views, and gained over 600,000+ subscribers. She also posts post fitness, cooking and life vlogs on her second Youtube channel, which you can see here.

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