Grow out your Bangs in style!

Growing out bangs can be a pain. There’s always an awkward stage. It usually begins when the bangs are too long for you to see, but too short to tuck them behind your ears.

Hair grows approximately half an inch a month; hence, the growing out period can be a long, drawn out one. So for help during this gawky phase, we’ve enlisted Butterfly Studio Salon’s senior stylist Jill Engelsen to show us what to do with our bangs while they’re growing out.


Alexa Chung with slightly parted bangs; Image: Alberto Reyes/

The Parted Curtain Look

Great for when your bangs have reached your eyebrows, this look is pretty simple. When blowdrying your hair, comb your wet bangs starting from one side to the other, then repeat in the other direction. Do this until dry. “The purpose is to have the bangs sit flawlessly straight on your face. From there, you can part them in the center with your fingers and add a little pomade or hairspray for hold,” explains Engelsen.



Rachel Bilson channeling her inner Charlie’s Angel with swept away bangs; Image: Adriana M. Barraza /

The Updated Farrah Fawcett

Perfect for when your bangs have hit the top of your cheeks. Start with your bangs either wet or dry. Using a small boar bristle brush to style, part your hair in the center. Gather bangs on either side of the part and blowdry underneath to give it some volume, then blowdry the same section back away from your face to get a sweep. If your bangs still don’t look right, take one side by holding the brush parallel to your part and with that section in the brush blowdry it straight down onto your face and then sweep it out to the side. That’ll give you more coverage on your face. Repeat on the other side. If you’re still missing the flip at the ends, slightly round the brush on the ends and blowdry away from the face.



Taylor Swift sweeps all her bangs to one side for a soft, sexy look; Image: Adriana M. Barraza/

The Deep Part Side Sweep

Try this look when your bangs have finally grown a little longer, like to the tip of your nose. Start with damp bangs. Blowdry your bangs across your forehead from one side to the other. Use a comb if your hair is curly, so you’ll get a smoother effect or use a paddle brush if your hair is wavy or straight to achieve more volume. Then casually, not using a definitive part, sweep your bangs all to one side and spray in place with hairspray. If your hair is fine textured, use a dry texturizing spray to help your bangs stay in place. Spray a little at the root and on the mid-ends to give your bangs texture, so they will actually stay off to the side, out of your face.



The French Braid Band

Just an overall stylish way to keep your long bangs off your face, no matter what their length. Gather hair and divide into three sections. Cross and braid the strands under each other for a raised look. As you cross a section under another, grab some hair from that side of your head and include it in the crossover. Repeat, adding hair and crossing sections until the front of your hair looks like half of a headband. Secure by crossing two bobby pins over each other or use invisible clear elastics to lock the braid in place.


General Styling Tip – Style your bangs to where you want them using dry spray. Then, using your thumb and pointer finger, rub the ends together with the rest of your hair to give you a backcombing effect so that your bangs and hair will stay in place. When done, finish with a flexible hairspray. If you have oily hair, also use a dry shampoo to give your bangs added texture and staying power.


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