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Usually my writing is inspired by real life experiences of my own, however this one happens to be one of those rare instances where I was so smitten simply by the narration and the breathtaking pictures of the place, that it compelled the writer in me to pen this down …so here’s a first time second hand review of a valley that is ‘oh so beautiful!’

Glacier Point Kaza Road trip

Here’s my quick guide to help other travel and adventure enthusiasts around, to know what’s in store when planning a trip to this fascinating valley. But, wait a second, I have to warn you this aint for the weak hearted. If unexpected terrains (basically no real roads) scare you, I’ll say stop right here coz this one is a toughie even for the most seasoned road junkies!

Road trip to Kaza Akpa Bridge Kaza Road trip

The seasoned junkie here happens to be my husband and photographer Glax Graces who simply could not stop talking for 3 days about a trip that he made – in 3 days. While I am doing my bit to do poetic justice to his adventure with words and pictures, I do wish to add that this is one such journey that simply needs to be experienced. Period.

Road trip to Kaza

So while you gear yourself up for a lifetime experience, here are a few things that you must know before you embark your journey:

1: Digital Detox : Allow yourself to be cut off from the world of smart phones and emails and other such daunting things that come with cell phone connectivity and wifi, pack your bags now and good old BSNL will come to your rescue when really needed.

2: Food Paradise : Enjoy being  greeted with warmth and humility and listen in to fascinating & heroic tales of the locals over refreshing cups of the finest ginger lemon honey tea you’ve ever had.

3: Off roader’s Hell : Be willing to embrace uncertainties and tell yourself that you never know what you’ll find once you turn the corner, buckle up coz you sure as hell will come back enriched and enlightenedKaza Road Trip Spices4: Treat your senses : Allow yourself to fall in love with nature and  soak in the experience with all your senses – the sights, sounds, smell and varying temperatures.

5: Endurance Test : Be willing to push your endurance levels to new heights and not be afraid of high altitudes, carry oxygen cylinders as travel companions that may come handy in the acclimatisation process.

6: Devil on wheels : Leave the tourist in you behind and dare to get behind the wheels of a self driven car and cover a treacherous distance of 750 odd Kms from Delhi either via Shimla or Manali, recommending to use a  Zoomcar . However, do not opt for a Scorpio as the car can be extremely uncomfortable as it bounces on the terrains.Sakya Tangyud Monastery Kaza Road trip

7: Cultural Heritage : If you want to bring back fascinating facts for your friends and family like –  Polyandry is still practiced in some regions or the name ‘Spiti’ means the middle country or that Spiti is one of the important centers of Buddhism in Himachal Pradesh & is popularly known as the ‘land of lamas’ or the scariest (my favourite) that the National Highway 22 & Kinnaur road both en route to the valley are listed as the world’s most deadliest roads category by BBC. Kaza Road trip

8: Real life super heros : And last but not the least, if you want to meet enchanting gentlemen like our friend here, who long time back absconded from the Army and went to Goa. He ran as he was caught in possession of 2 kgs charas. He goes to Goa, works in all major shacks for 5years. Learns all the cuisines and comes back to Reckong Peo to open his own restaurant which sells (allegedly) awesome pasta, pizza, steaks, etc. For those who wanna try, his joint is near the bus stand in Reckong Peo.

Army man

So, I guess if you are looking for an adventure that will last with you much after the trip is over, you know now that you’ve found your dream destination.

Kaza Road trip

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