9 Fitness-trends to watch in 2018

Fitness, for us, is personal. It is as much evolving as it is versatile. Watch out for this space to know- what will dominate the 2018 fitness landscape for the passion of staying fit as never before. It is likely to get more stylish and doable the next year.

The fitness Industry in India is worth 7000 cores & it is growing at the rate of 30percent, gyms contribute to the major part of this chunk, the last few years have observed a steep rise in fitness center, with most of the fitness centers offering similar facilities the only difference will be the training & the technology used, as we are going through a phase of transition in the fitness industry, I see a major change in 2018 & that change will be the approach towards fitness, people would not only look into gyms to get fit as it goes beyond.

Wearable Technology- It is only expected to shape bigger and wider.Many western trends are sure to gain prominence across India and this includes, advanced technology features, more innovative products and natural, more fitness-conscious people falling for it.

HIIT- expect better results at a quicker pace with the HIIT workout mediums. A whole-body workout is possible in 20 minutes, giving amazing results in setting the body tone and shape

Group Training– it is set to gain precedence to reduce the spends and still stay focussed on lots of fitness.

Circuit Training-easy on intensity, it is a sober form of the HIIT style of training. It includes 10 workouts and then, the circuit is repeated as many times.

Expert Speak– use of gadgets or personal trainers on-call, all seems fit in the concept of expert speakers. People will continue using apps or browse the web to optimise information access. The personalised trainer service on-call is yet another effective medium to find the mental solace.

Functional Fitness- move away from associating with fitness in-general, instead opt to do it with greater personal involvement. Take, for example, KynamaX training, using resistance bands. It is the bestshot to start training anywhere and anytime and helps add a lot of flexibility to your otherwise stiff body under the routine. KynamaX training is just a call away, on-schedule.

Goat Yoga– as strange as it may sound, it is perhaps the easiest to understand. It is a type of Yoga done in presence of goats. The logic: it releases more feel-good hormones.

Power Naps– to ease mental tension, concentrate better and feel energetic almost instantly. When you don’t long for sleep, you get the better of it.

Water Workouts– the aquafit is the new trend. It helps you burn more calories and stay fit, doing what you love the most- fitness in water.

Celebrity Fitness Coach & Program Director, TrainMe

Huzefa Lokhandawala, passion for fitness started when he was 14 years old. Pursuing his passion, today Huzefa Lokhandwala is a celebrity fitness expert that has trained corporate and celebrities like Yash Birla, Aditya Birla, The Ambani family, Rahul Khanna, Aditya Roy Kapoor and many others.

Huzefa has done ACE (American Council on exercise) & ACSM CPT(American college of sports medicine) and has worked at all levels in this journey, from a Floor Trainer to a Personal trainer, from a fitness faculty to a Fitness expert and a Director, he experienced it all.

Huzefa, at TrainMe, is a program director and has designed Kynamax – globally tried and tested fitness approach that employs the use of resistance bands that are made with a unique rubber compound. The weight and thickness of the bands renders all heavy gym equipment unnecessary. KynamaX workouts are more challenging compared to any other, as they enable the user to workout in various anatomical planes which allows maximum motion!

Huzefa, at TrainMe, has personally designed all the workout patterns based on all possible goals that an individual can aim for – Muscle building, stamina, basic fitness, weight loss, etc. TrainMe is a way to make fitness more user-friendly and accessible to people.

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Twitter: Trainmenow1

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